The Best Insider’s Guide For Seo Tips and Tricks

best seo optimization techniques
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  • May 10, 2017

SEO Optimization Tips For Beginners:

Keyword Frequency is more important than Keyword Density:

Keywords are more important for an on page seo optimization, But make sure that you are following the keyword frequency than keyword density. Make right use of keywords in the article than dumping all of them in the article. Use your target keyword at least a few times in the body of your article is more recommended.

Have a Privacy Policy Page And Terms Page In Your Site :

This will not be a ranking factor for the better seo optimization, but having these pages will make Google believe that you are not a shady affiliate site that usually don’t have pages. This also allows your users to trust your site more and the trust factor will be a huge factor in gaining the organic audience to your site.

privacy policy for seo optimization


Having a 60 Character Title is more recommended :

Many SEO experts suggest that the title length should be of 60 characters and this will be a good factor for SEO Optimization. Google normally measures the title in pixels where it has put a limit for this as 512 Pixels.

Make best usage of images :

Reports suggest that an article with images attracts more images than the article with no images. When images are used the article becomes “Easily Readable” for the users and this make user to stick on to the page for more time. And Google will pay more attention to the user’s signals and the ranking will boost up easily for the site.

seo optimization techniques


Use Short Url’s :

Making usage of short url’s is one of the best seo optimization techniques. Short Url’s will be more helpful for both the users and the search engines. Also studies suggest that short url’s will better rank in the SERP results than the long url’s.

best seo optimization techniques


Use your Keyword in first paragraph :

Make use of your keyword in the first paragraph itself. Experts suggest that use your keyword in your first 100 words. This will be a huge benefit for the SEO optimization and will be more helpful for both users and the search engines. When user finds keyword for what he is searching for in the first 100 words, he thinks that he has come to a right place.

seo optimization techniques


Make use of LSI Keywords and Long Tail Keywords:

LSI keywords will help in attracting more users to your site. LSI means Latent Semantic Indexing keywords are basically keywords that are closely related to your primary keywords in respect to the meaning. The LSI keywords will get the users who search the keywords that have a close meaning to your primary focus keyword or related searches for your articles. The Long tail keywords will help in ranking your site in a good position. The long tail keywords will have a low search volume but it will cover all the individual keywords that are highly competitive and with the less competition for these keywords will boost your ranking in the Google search results.

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Check whether your site is mobile friendly or not :

It is the major point to be followed for the SEO optimization, because Google has already rolled out an algorithm where it has specified that mobile friendly site must be maintained by every site owner or otherwise the ranking of the respective site will decrease.

mobile friendly site for seo optimization


Make your site load faster :

Your site will have to load fast when it is searched for. The average loading time for a site is 1.5 seconds and the user will be more satisfied when your web page loads more quickly. Make use of less graphics, use less sized images. If the size of the images is more then shrink the images using this tool.


Make use of videos in your posts:

Making use of videos in your posts will boost the rankings. If the video is embedded in YouTube then it will boost the views and can significantly improve the bounce rates and the dwell time numbers.

Seo optimization for videos


Make the best use of keyword research tools :

Keyword research tools will helps you in finding the best keywords that can be used for your blog’s post. There are some free and paid tools that are available in the market which can analyze your keywords and your competitor’s keywords also. Some of the best tools that will help you are slated below.

Google Keyword Planner
MOZ Keyword Explorer
Ahrefs keyword explorer