How SEO Changes Are Making Search World A Better Place

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  • May 4, 2017

Why SEO Matters :

SEO is a fast growing and constantly changing industry. New changes are implemented time to time which helps the companies to market in the digital medium. SEO services are also rapidly changing in the market due to the heavy competition between the companies. Today, website ranking has become a major issue where SEO is playing a key role in the website ranking.


Last year, it was estimated that businesses invested more that $65 billion on SEO services, and that number is projected to climb to over $70 billion by 2018. SEO tools are also playing a key role where it helps the companies to rank their website at top in SERP results.

What are the key factors to follow for better ranking :

There are some points that are to be followed for the better rankings in SERP results. The main factors that will stand as pillars for the SEO Optimization are On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization. These two factors will rule the SEO where any seo company will have to follow these principles for a better ranking.

On-Page SEO Optimization:

seo on page factors

The On-Page considers the Content, Architecture, HTML factors where one should follow these points when they need to optimize a website. With the Content, main points that need to be followed will be the Quality, Research,Fresh,Answers,Thin. The quality matters where the content that is written in any website need to be the substantial quality. When it comes to research, the keyword research plays a major role in defining the content that is written. The well use of the keywords in the content leads to better ranking in the SERP results. When it comes to Fresh, Is the article is about the fresh topics or about the most searched one in the Internet. Is your content turns into the direct answers within the search results counts in the Answers part. And any SEO company should check their client’s website whether the content is thin or shallow in order to avoid the penalty by Google when they provide the SEO services.

The Architecture follows next where it sees the crawling, the duplicate content, mobile compatibility,speed of the website to load,URL’s and HTTPS will account for the better rankings of a website.Make your site better by allowing the search engines to crawl all the pages and notify the changes that are made time to time.Avoid the duplicate content so that the penalties will be avoid by the Google.The site must be the compatible for the mobiles and loading time for the website should also be less for a single website.Make sure that the URL’s contains meaningful keywords and make use of HTTPS for secure connections.

Off-Page SEO Optimization :

seo off page factors

The Off-Page considers the trust factors,links,personal and social. Make sure the website gets authority were the links,shares and the other factors will make the site a trusted authority.Maintain well quality backlinks to the site and make sure all the links with the great authority.Here the quality works better than the quantity.The personal matters where the website is well indexed within the country and in the local business listings. Make well use of the social media to promote the website.

Three Main Future SEO Predictions:

seo future predictions

According to the predictions made by Ryan Shelley of Search Engine Land, there are 3 main future predictions in the SEO industry. They are :

1.UX plays a major role.
2.AMP will be a major factor.
3.AI will run search.

UX plays a major role :

Google is obsessed with the user experience and this will be going to be a major factor in the website ranking. As search results become more and more customized, user experience (UX) is going to play a larger role in search. If your content is not engaging your users, you will lose out, no matter how great your content is.

To better position your site now, think like how a user wants a website and design the website in that way. Then,create content that not only helps users, but engages them as well. You can do this using free analytics tools that track and learn what your users are doing. Also track the users flow with the help of the Analytics tool and change the website accordingly with the results.

AMP will be a major factor :

Google has started indexing the web pages in two formats that is one for the desktop version and other for the mobile version. As the searches have increased in mobile than in desktop, Google is looking for better results for the queries that are searched on the mobile. A recent report from Hitwise company indicates that in the US, mobile search is roughly 58 percent of overall search query volume.

So following these results, Google is improving their search experience on mobile devices.Reports suggest that percent of people are leaving a website that fails to load in three seconds or less. This is the main reason Google has introduced the concept Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project. As far AMP is not a ranking point, but that doesn’t mean it has no impact on your search or website performance. Websites which satisfies the AMP content is featured prominently in mobile search results, often above the organic listings.Additionally, if users are abandoning slow-loading sites on mobile devices, it makes sense to prioritize mobile page speed, even if you already have the top organic spot.

AI will run search:

Google announced RankBrain last year, a major update in the search industry. Still the exact functioning of the RankBrain is not yet disclosed but AI is a great thing for search. Over time, as the machines learn patterns and understand content, results will get more and more accurate. The other benefit to AI is that it will kill black-hat SEO techniques that are followed by the webmasters to achieve the top position.