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10 Best Proven Tips For Online Reputation Management

online reputation management tips
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  • May 23, 2017

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management plays a major part in protecting a company from defamers.  companies are investing huge amounts for their online presence and they are making efforts to produce high Return On investment. In this competition, some will follow the best white hat techniques to achieve the highest position. But in contrary to this technique some may follow the black hat techniques and also degrade the website or Company which is already existing in high position.

online reputation management

Why Online Reputation Management ?

A company with little more than just a website to represent them online, they are in a precarious position if anyone creates a site to target them or even just posts something on social media, as those items could rank for their business name searches. For established local businesses, people may frequently be searching for a business by business name — so, having bad stuff rank in branded search results can directly impact your bottom line.

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There are so many ways to drop the rankings of a website and these techniques will harm a website than the Google Algorithms do. In order to fight this type of issues experts have come up with an idea where they are going to implement some techniques to make sure that website will not get deposition ed from it’s rankings. This technique is named as “Online Reputation Management”.

online reputation management

The top 10 tips that should be followed for online reputation management are explained below.


1. Make a presence in all social platforms :

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram are the basic platforms where all the business will share their presence initially. But adding to these, there are also some additional social media sites, as well where you can grow your presence. Integrate your business executives and employees with the famous social platform LinkedIn as this account adds more trust for your business as they allow only the higher executives to start an account.

2. Keep an eye on all your social accounts :

Just representing your business online doesn’t make your business grow. You also need to develop your audience with them too. Get in touch with your audience on a regular basis and try to answer as many questions possible. This will make your users to trust you more and you can also get rid of the negative comments easily.

3. Make your products and Brands popular :

When you have a huge number of products and Brands in the market, make use of it by developing content to rank for those names also. For this you can create websites, web pages, social media profiles to claim and reserve each brand name.

4. Make strong social presence for executives:

Develop a strong social media presence for your founders, owners and high level executives. By making this you can develop a strong bond with your audience as a low online profile to preserve your privacy just leaves you wide open for defamers.

5. Claim your authorship where applicable :

Authorship will be a huge benefit for online reputation management. This is primarily for businesses where a founder/proprietor is closely associated with the business’s identity. Google requires authors to be individuals; thus, the author tag must be associated with an individual Google+ profile, not with a business page.

6. Listen To your Audience :

Whenever you have any negative comments or feedback or disputes with the orders form your users, listen to their versions to find a solution there itself. Answer to these particular feedback in a polite way and come up with a creative way to give customers what they’re wanting without creating friction. If you make the issue big you will open the doors for defamers to enter and this will recur a huge loss for your online reputation.

7. Apologize when needed :

If you have failed in providing any service or something has gone wrong with your products, immediately apologize to your customers and this will best method to maintain a good relation with them. Being real and transparent in apologizing will protect your company’s good will and also make a crisis situation come to close.

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8. Maintain blog :

Maintaining a blog not only help you in getting rankings to your website but also helps in online reputation management. For reputation purposes, it not only can rank for your name, it can give you a solid “home court” ground where you can directly respond to any major assertions made about your company if necessary.

9. Don’t argue over Internet :

This is the major point that is to be followed for the online reputation management. Don’t argue with the client even though he is right and you are wrong. Take his contact details and solve your problems with him over Email or phone. If you argue over the Internet they might get furious about your services and they can pass bad comments about your business which will negatively effect your reputation.

10. Invest in online Reputation Management :

Online Reputation Management requires both time and money. The small businesses are not opting to the online reputation management because they assume that they don’t require this as they are small. But this has to be applied for both small and big companies and if you find no time to do this go with other companies who offer these services. Invest more time and some money also in order to maintain a good reputation for the business.

Make sure that you follow all these points to ensure that your company’s online reputation is correctly managed. Outrank all your negative feedback’s and negative comments in a proper way by practicing best methods. Don’t leave your defamers who are posting negative comments regularly on your social media. Talking to them in private can solve all the issues and even if they don’t listen you can proceed legally and eliminate them immediately.