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How to solve Google Keyword Planner Range Problem | Best Tips

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  • June 6, 2017

Why Google Keyword planner :

Google keyword planner is a tool which gives information about how many people are searching for a particular query in the Google search. This is primarily introduced for the advertisers to know the information about keyword ideas and traffic estimates to help them to build a search network campaign.

google keyword planner structure
This tool mainly covers three points :

1. We can search for keyword and ad groups ideas based on terms that describe your product or service, your website or a product category related to what you are advertising.

2. Get historical data like how many number of times people have searched for a particular keyword or how competetive that keyword is in the Google searches.

3. We can also get traffic estimates like how many clicks and impressions that a particular keyword might get for given bid and budget amounts.

As it is mainly introduced for advertisers, but many bloggers who are in the field of blogging are using this tool to write articles on highly searched keywords.

To know the full details about Keyword planner first of all we need to know what is a keyword. Let’s discuss some brief information about the keyword.

Keyword :

The basic or simplified definition for a keyword is, Keyword is a term which a user types in the google search while finding for a particular information. For example, a under grad student is looking for universities that offer post graduation courses then he will type as “Colleges Offering Post Graduation Courses” in the Google search.

keywords in google search

So “Colleges Offering Post Graduation Courses” will be a keyword that he is looking for answer in the google search. If he type this keyword and press enter then he gets an answer in the form of search results which are there in the Google Database.

Why Google Stopped Showing The Exact Results :

All of a sudden on one fine day bloggers shocked by seeing this message on their Google keyword planner dashboards tool like this.

google keyword planner message

Google has provided this information for free of cost in initial stages to attract more advertisers to advertise on their search platform. Google has also started showing the ads on the top page in the Google search results and the time taking for the advertisers to come on the top has gradually decreased compared to the organic search. This has attracted more advertisers to invest huge amounts in the advertising and has made Google to go more commercially and give less importance to the organic results.

In this case, Google decided to not give the keyword information free to all people except who are investing money in ads.This has made blogging go down and some of the newbie bloggers faced difficulties to find high searched keywords. In contrast to this there are some keyword tools who also provides the search volumes for the keywords and they have also become quite popular in the blogging industry.

For Example, BING the rivalry for Google is providing more information about the keywords like related keywords for every possible keyword and the competition for these keywords in the form of charts.

bing keyword planner tool

SEMRush is also a popular keyword tool which gives information compared to Google keyword planner tool.

semrush keyword planner tool

This information includes organic search,paid search and trends of that particular keyword. It also provides the related keywords,phrase match and live updates for organic results and paid results.

semrush keyword planner


These keyword tools are giving tough competition to the Google Keyword planner tool.

So how we resolve the range issue in the google keyword planner tool and to get the exact search results for the keywords. Below is the solution to the problem.

        Here Are The Best Keyword Tools Other Than Google Keyword Planner Tool

Solution To The Range Issue :

Unfortunately the solution for this problem is to invest some amount in the Google Ads. We have to create a campaign including the keywords and have to run ads in the Google search to see the exact results for a particular keyword.

google keyword planner exact results

This is the only solution to this problem. I am not telling to invest huge amounts for the ads but still you can invest small amounts to get the information about the keywords that you want.

In my case, I am also a newbie blogger searching for the keywords. I have invested about ₹ 600 (Indian currency) for the ads and picked some keywords and have built campaigns in the Google Adwords. This amount fetched me the exact results in the google keyword planner for some time to write articles on the high searched keywords.

The amount has drained after some time and the same problem has raised once again. So I found a solution to this problem and that is choose keywords which are low competitive and has low cpc on them. In this way we can continue the google keyword planner tool for some more extra days to see the exact searches.

I think this article solves the range issue problem for the newbie bloggers and to continue their blogging career.