How Google Algorithms aren’t as Bad as You Think | Google Owl Update

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  • May 3, 2017

Google Algorithms :

Google Algorithms are launched from time to time to tackle the problems that will arise with short content, backlinks and other issues. These updates are removing the problems that arises with the short content,Spam links, Mobile compatibility and the other things.

google algorithm

This time they are working on a new Google algorithms, which deals with the fake news and the problematic content. The new update is named as OWL where it searches whether there will be any fake news or explicit content and removes it immediately.

Problematic Content :

google algorithms

Google Owl is internal name in the circles to fight back on problematic searches. When any user searches for any query in the Google it has included a point where users can report the content if they find it offensive or a rumor, or a urban myths or derogatory topics. According to Pandu Nayak — a Google Employee who works on search quality, “This turns out to be a very small problem, a fraction of our query stream. So it doesn’t actually show up very often or almost ever in our regular evals and so forth. And we see these problems and it feels like a small problem,” Nayak said. He also indicated “People [at Google] were really shocked, by the whole thing. That, even though it was a small problem [in terms of number of searches], it became clear to us that we really needed to solve it. It was a significant problem, and it’s one that we had I guess not appreciated before.”

Improving Autocomplete Search Suggestions:

google algorithms

At the same time, Google is also working on the Autocomplete searches. Whenever we type a query in the search bar Google is providing the extra details regarding the query that is typed in the search box. For example, when user types “WEA” then the search completes as “WEATHER”. So in addition to this query, Google is also suggesting the results as “WEATHER TODAY”, “WEATHER TOMORROW”. This will improves the accuracy of the results and the user will be satisfied with the results.

Reporting The Problematic Content :

google algorithms

From so many years Google is facing this problem where some webmasters are uploading the fake news and inappropriate content and Google has to check for this whenever a complaint is filed again the query. YouTube is implementing this procedure from many years where user can report any video that is inappropriate.

But when it comes to the Google search there is no procedure to follow to file the content as fake or explicit or in any other ways. So Google has finally working on this algorithm where users can report the content that is being uploaded.

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Improving Featured Snippets :

google algorithms

Google also working on their Google Snippets where the answers are shown in a special display when a user types the query in the Google search bar. These answers comes when Google thinks a particular result answers a question much better than others.These are also called as “One True Answer Display”.

Google also introduced this feature on the Google Assistant on Android phones and in Google Home where the devices becomes the answer that Google gives in response to a question. So some answers are very inappropriate where users are feeling objection. To solve this problem Google has come up with an idea where they introduced an improved feedback form associated with Featured Snippets. Google is giving a feedback form where the users can give feedback on th answers and if many users have given negative feedback on the answer then Google will change it.

In the Google search, users can send the feedback in a form where they select the options that are given and coming to the Mobile phones and Google Home when you find any issues with the answer say like this “OK Google, send feedback”. Then the Google Home will reply asking “What do we need to fix”, then say whatever you report as a problem will get associated for review with that answer. So tell it what you think — the answer was wrong, offensive or whatever.

The search engine processes nearly 6 billion searches per day. Few of these searches fall into the problematic category. Google’s even put a number to it today, saying 0.25 percent of all queries are like this.So with these changes, Google is giving more accurate results to the user and they are trying to avoid the spammers who spam the search results with their content. We need to see how the results will change while implementing this Google algorithms and hope the authoritative sites get more preference in the search results.