10 Best YouTube SEO Hacks That Are To Be Followed By Everyone

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  • May 11, 2017

YouTube SEO:

There are many ways to optimize the blog and build good amount of backlinks without craving for the black hat techniques. Apart from On-Page optimization,building backlinks from quality sites, social sharing there is also a major white-hat seo technique which is called as “YouTube SEO”

According to studies,some SEO experts say that we can divert good amount of traffic from the video search engine YouTube to your website. YouTube is the largest search engine after the Google search with 600 Million views per day and 800 Million visitors per month, YouTube can drive more amount of traffic to your website. With 4 Billion videos are watched every day there will be a huge competition to get more views to your videos.Great and viral content is the major point that is to be primarily followed to rank a video but there are some ways which you can additionally add to the videos that you are posting and the procedure is named as “YouTube SEO”.

With this procedure, you can achieve the best results where you can rank your video at top position on YouTube.

YouTube SEO Tips :

1. Length of the videos is considered as the major ranking factor in YouTube. Longer videos can outperform the shorter videos. The average length of a first page YouTube video is 14 minutes 50 seconds. So focus on this point and try to make lengthy videos.

2. Video views have correlation with the rankings. If the no.of views are increasing for the video proportionately the rankings also increase. So make a video with a great content and rank it in the top position.

3. Do you have enough comments for your video? If not, encourage your users to give reviews about your video in the comments section. You have to do it because Comments appear to be an influential ranking factor. Studies found that a video’s comment count strongly correlates with higher rankings.

4. Share your video in all the social platforms and make a point in the video itself to your visitors to share the video after watching. This has to be followed because sharing is also a major ranking factor in YouTube SEO. The number of shares a video generates is strongly tied to YouTube first page rankings.

5. Video likes are also significantly correlated with higher rankings.

youtube seo likes and rankings chart

6. Make a point in every video to your visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel. “Subscription Driven” has a major effect on rankings. Therefore videos that result in new subscribers have an advantage in YouTube search.

7. Also do a keyword research before you are recording and uploading a new video. The exact match keyword in the video title will have a slight improvement in the rankings and have a slight edge over videos that don’t. So include a keyword in your title and this may improve your rankings by a slight margin.

8. Studies found that a very small relationship between keyword rich video tags and rankings. This says that YouTube can now understand video content without the help of metadata.

9. Don’t dump all your found keywords in the description. There is no proven result that your video will rank if you perform the procedure “Keyword Density”.

10. HD videos dominate YouTube’s search results. 68.2% of videos on the first page of YouTube videos are in High Definition format.

The detailed explanation of the above points is given below.

When it comes to Comments, YouTube encourages their users to publish videos that will engage the visitors more. The more they engage with the videos the more they comment their views and it will boost your rank.

YouTube has publicly announced that a video’s total watch time is a key ranking signal. In short, YouTube wants to promote videos that keep people on YouTube for a long period of time. Longer videos accomplish this best, hence the preference for longer video content.



The data below shows that a longer video will out perform the shorter video in rankings and this a strongly proven metric.

youtube seo techniques


When it comes to views, YouTube is giving a higher preference to those videos which have high views or video which has gone viral. So naturally it will have a impact on the ranking of the videos and this is also a strong metric that is to be followed for better ranking for your videos.

youtube seo techniques

This video will explain the secret algorithm that is used by the YouTube for the rankings which is based on the views.

The subscription driven, is also a major metric that is followed for the better rankings. If any user watches your video and likes it they will naturally subscribe to your channel and they expect to watch more videos fro your channel.

It is a very tough task to bring new subscribers to your channel. Sure, you can get a few people (or bots) to subscribe to your channel after watching a video. But it’s much more difficult than generating thousands of fake views or likes.

youtube seo techniques

Keyword optimization is also a major ranking factor in YouTube rankings. People will be more driven to the results where they exactly search for the exact keyword in the YouTube search. This will also have a major impact on the rankings.

youtube seo techniques

HD videos will dominate the first page of YouTube search results. This data can be interpreted in two ways:

First, it could be that YouTubers that create the best video content also tend to record in HD. Therefore, this is an instance of correlation only telling part of the story.

Second, there’s the possibility that YouTube has an inherent preference for HD video content. In fact, 68.2% of all videos on YouTube’s first page are in HD.
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