< How to build quality backlinks | Best Tips For Link Building (Latest Update)

How to build quality backlinks | Best Tips For Link Building (Latest Update)

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  • June 7, 2017

Backlinks :

Backlinks are still important in 2017 ?

Backlinks is an important factor in deciding the position of the site in the Google search page results. If you write unique content and publish it you cannot achieve better rank without the help of backlinks.

Every blogger will start his blogging work keeping one point in his mind, to always rank their site on top in the Google search. For this the blogger will put lot of efforts to get his site on the top. Earlier days when Google was not there Yahoo and other search engines had shown the result based on the content.


But when Google has entered into the market all equations have changed,Along with the content a new ranking factor has also been introduced called as trust factor. This trust factor is nothing but along with the content how many people has linked to that page.

In this case, a new term has been introduced known as Backlinks. Backlinks are nothing but how many people are linking back to a particular page in a website.

Google says build high quality backlinks :

Google always says it will give priority to high quality backlinks. The high quality backlinks will be directly proportional to the page rank of a website.

According to experts, PageRank works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important the website is. When a high quality and high authoritative site links back to your site you will see a rocket speed in your rankings in the search engine.

Now the question is how we will build high quality backlinks.

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Building high quality backlinks :

Before going to the topic of building high quality backlinks we have to consider 7 factors in building the high quality backlinks. They are :

1. Authority of a page :

This authority refers to the page rank of a site. A link from a high authority page has more impact on a site compared to the link from a low authority page. Google says it doesn’t give much importance to the page rank but secretly they consider this factor for ranking the sites in Google search.


2. Authority of a site :

A domain which has more authority also have an impact on the backlinks. This factor known as Domain Authority will play a major role. The Domain Authority will be comprising factors such as linking root domains, number of total links for the site. This will be calculated and the result will be given on a scale of 0 to 100 in number.


Getting a backlink form a high authoritative site like Wikipedia which has DA (Domain Authority)is more beneficial than getting a backlink from a new site which has DA of 0.

3. Linking of an Anchor text in another site :

The anchor text plays a major role in building the backlinks. When you are using an anchor Text to link back to our site then we have to use correct and relevant keyword in the anchor text. When you have a page in your site explaining about “On-Page SEO Factors” and the anchor text should be the same like “On-Page SEO Factors” but not “How to make desserts”. Inserting a keyword in the anchor text will be a huge beneficial as it passes more link juice to your site.


Image Source : backlinko.com

4. Relevancy of a site :

Relevancy here refers “from which site you are getting a backlink?” For suppose you run a site which gives world news and you have to get a backlink from “NYTimes” or any other authoritative news website. Getting a backlink from Ford Company’s site will no longer work as a backlink.

5. Link’s position on a site :

The link’s position also matters in building a high quality backlink. Whether you are placing the link inside the content or you have given a link in the footer. This also matters because content will be first seen by all compared to the footer.

6. Links co citations : 

The anchor text will also plays a major role in building links. When you write an article about “Ford Cars”, write an anchor text like this “Test Drive A Ford Car”. Then Google will think that the title is relevant to the article that is written and your rankings will be pushed in the search engine.

7. No-Follow links Vs Do-Follow links :

No-follow links doesn’t add value to your backlinks. Every link that is referring to your site should be a “Do-Follow Link”. This is a very important point to be noted in order to build a high quality backlink.


Don’t Even Consider The BlackHat Techniques :

Build the backlinks step by step;Don’t be in a hurry in building them. If Google catches you practicing Backlinks in a “BlackHat” way then you will be penalized by the Google Algorithms and this will result in banning your site also. In some sites like “Fiverr” people will post selling backlinks for low rate.


Don’t fall into this trap because you will not know from which site they are linking and what anchor text they are using to link. Backlinks from the same anchor text will be considered as spam and Google algorithms will penalize your site if you follow this.

Google always says one sentence that “Building quality backlinks is more important than building high number of backlinks”. Here quality matters most than number.

So follow these techniques to get quality backlinks to achieve the top position in the Google search results.