How To Rank Your Android App At Top Position In Google Search Results

android apps
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  • April 27, 2017

Android App :

An Android app is a software application running on the Android platform. Because the Android platform is built for mobile devices, a typical Android app is designed for a smartphone or a tablet PC running on the Android OS.

android apps

In today’s digital world every thing is carried out on mobile phones. In past, there are only feature phones where you cannot do anything except call to somebody. But in present era with the technology advancement new features have been invented and smart phones came into existence.

They have introduced an OS named as Android for smart phones which allows you to do many tasks. You can make a video call, play games with others simultaneously, check your Email id and so on.



Google Play Store :


google play store

Google play store is a online store from where you can download the android apps to your mobile. The play store consists of various new apps that are related to health care, travel, entertainment,Learn new things etc. The play store consists of 2.8 Million apps that can be downloaded. Daily 1500 new apps are being added to the Google play store.

How To Rank Your Android App At Top :

With over 3 million apps on the play store it is very tough to rank your mobile app on the top. If any user searches for any mobile app in the search bar then the google will present the mobile apps in form of list and then user can download the desired app. The search for mobile apps will be called as Google’s app pack search results. The search for the mobile apps in the app pack results will look like this.

android apps


It shows about 6 apps in the top fold and when the results are more than 6 which matches the user query will be presented as drop down list with an arrow symbol. For example, type video editor in the search bar and the results will look like this.


android apps


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Steps To Follow For a Better Position :

Use the right keywords :

Make the best use of Google keyword planner to find the right keywords for your app. Generally people will search for the keywords with a noun like “Video Editor”, “Travel Planner”. So start your optimization by thinking more about what your app is rather than what it does.

android app


Optimize The Title And Description :

As you generally do for the web page follow the same rule for optimizing the title for the mobile app also. Use your gathered keywords and make use of them in the description. Don’t forget to keep the keyword in the title. Include your brand name also in the title along with what the app does.

Google allows about 50 characters for the title in app store and 30 characters for the Google Play. So according to these rules you have to make a creative title for your mobile app.


Reviews :

google play store

To rank your app at the top position on the Google’s app pack search results, you have get maximum reviews for your mobile app. Reviews play a major part in Google play store and it has ability to alter the search results in play store.

For starters, your app might rank based on keywords included in reviews on the app page. It’s often the case that keywords toward the top of the page are given more weight than keywords farther down.

The star rating will also affect how your app ranks. You might notice that some apps with better ratings outrank other apps that have better keyword optimization. That’s because Google pays attention to ratings.

Undoubtedly, the star rating will also affect the click-through rate. That will likely impact its rank as well.


Use Specific Keywords :

Generally people will search the query like wise in the normal search results. They will search with description of the app rather than it’s name. For example,people who search for an app in the app store probably won’t use “app” in their search query. However, people who search for an app with a search engine are much more likely to use it.

So add the word “app” and optimize for the word “app,” and you’ll likely stay ahead of your competition.

Also, use the name of the operating system in the app title and description. People using search engines to find an app will likely include their platform in the search query.

So follow these steps to optimize your mobile app in google play store. Optimizing an app for the search engines is different from optimizing a web page. However, with the right know-how and a little bit of effort, you can boost your app to the top of the search results.